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  1. Napoleon Dynamite was the worse movie i ever saw

    In addition to having no specific or valuable critcism, the above sentence has, on average, one grammatical error for every 3 words. Thus, QMH, you have made the worst comment I ever read. Any other bad movies on your list? I think I’d like to watch all of them.

  2. Wow, that’s rough, Grammar Boy. And funny. I’ve been trying to figure out what makes half of the population love Napoleon Dynamite and the other half hate it. At first I thought it was: cool in high school = hated it, awkward in high school = loved it. But I’ve found too many exceptions in both directions.

  3. Grammar Boy,

    im so glad that you are worried about my grammar. just so you know, i dont speak SAE(see Crystal (1997)), or standard american english, i speak the southern dialect, which approximates itself to AAE(for more on this see green (2003)), african american english. therefore, certain grammatical errors to some, are seemingly normal to people like myself. i ask you to forgive me for growing up in the south and being subjected to listen to people that, according to people like you, are less intelligent because we talk different. linguistically, your comment is very interesting. if you would like to discuss linguistics and grammar, and how presciptive grammar is one thing and descriptive grammar is another, i would be more than happy.

    but to answer your idea about me not offering any critique. N.D. was slow, the development of the characters was very rough. and i think that to anyone not from the west the storyline was weak at best. the writing was very forced. i have found that usually people with weak imaginations are drawn to films like N.D.

    thanks for the critique though

  4. Come now Quinn… I mean it HAS been nominated for best picture of the year by MTV… that has to count for something.*

    *(Though I’m not sure what)

  5. Alright quinn mccoy hansen, I just thought it was intresting how much you disliked N.D. when the MTV awards voted it the “Best Picture of the Year.” It also recieved “Best Dance Scene” and also “Best Breakthrough Actor.” I guess what I’m really trying to say is that your opinion sucks:)

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