Half a million bloggernackers can’t be wrong

Well, they can, perhaps, but we’d like to think that they aren’t.

Lost in the technical issues last week was the fact that we registered our half-millionth visitor. I’m still often amazed at how much we’ve grown since we first started, in November 2003, with just four bloggers and a handful of readers. Not only has this site grown, but the rest of the bloggernacle has grown around us as well. It’s been a fun journey. And it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you, our readers and commenters. So thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments. And hopefully we can continue whatever it is we’ve been doing that’s drawn you here, for another half-million readers, and beyond.

6 comments for “Half a million bloggernackers can’t be wrong

  1. When I first saw that high number of visitors crossing half-a-million, it was April Fool’s Day. I didn’t know whether it was a joke or not. How cool that it is a fact! Congrats to T&S!

  2. Without me, Kaimi and Lyle, you guys would still be below 200K. How’s about some shout-outs!

  3. This is probably not the right place to post it, but thanks to everyone over at the Blog Admin department, because the site is once again its lovely, readable self when I view it on my Safari browser!

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