The Gateway Blog – Part 1

Growing up, I always knew better than to mess around with blogs. My parents would tell me, “If you only remember one thing, remember this — stay off of blogs!” And this was easy through high school and through my mission. No one was offering me blogs. In fact, they hadn’t been invented yet (which I must say made compliance with that rule really quite easy). But unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to stay blog-free forever. The culprit, of course, was Times and Seasons . . . “the gateway blog.”

It started out innocently enough. I was over at Aaron Brown’s house, listening to him talk about mission stories and watching Evil Dead 2. Then he mentioned that he had seen some really interesting Sunday School materials. “Really?” I asked, “where?”

A Sunday School lesson can’t be so bad, I reasoned. If Aaron looked at blogs, maybe they weren’t so bad. And if it was bad, I could always turn away.

“Oh, just on a blog I read sometimes,” he said casually.

I froze. Aaron read blogs — the thought was terrifying. “Run, run!” screamed a voice inside my head. But alas, I didn’t listen. I’ve never been as obedient as I should be; I’ve always suffered from damnable curiosity, and I’ll admit it — my curiosity was piqued. Besides, I reasoned, a Sunday School lesson can’t be so bad. If Aaron looked at blogs, maybe they weren’t so bad. And if it was bad, I could always turn away.

“A blog? Really?” I ventured.

“Sure,” said Aaron, walking over to the computer. “Let me show you.” He sat down and clicked on a link.

And thus began my long journey into the abyss . . . thus began my life on blogs.

(To be continued. . . ).

25 comments for “The Gateway Blog – Part 1

  1. Name withheld, didn’t you ever see that *scary* commercial: “This is your brain. This is your brain on blogs.”

  2. Blogging sounds innocuous, but punditry and social commentary are never far behind.

    Maybe it’s that rock-and-roll rubbish. I have a filmstrip you need to watch: “Worthy Music, Worthy Blogs.”

  3. “Besides, no one will ever know.”

    Yeah, right! There was a story today on NPR about a woman who was fired from her job for blogging. Okay, she was blogging *about* her job, but still . . .

  4. Melissa,

    That NPR story actually has a Mormon connection. The famous blogger, Dooce, is a BYU-grad former Mormon living in Salt Lake who mentions the Church, snarkily, almost every day.

  5. I have been able to ween myself off of comments, but I still lurk every day…

    Crap! I think I’m hooked again already!

  6. First, I’ll quit looking at T&S five minutes before time to leave for church. THEN I will give up my Coca-Cola.

    yeah right

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