Happy New Year!

I was waiting for someone else to post the obligatory new year’s post, and to say something really clever. Then I realized that a new year’s post is not obligatory at T&S. Last year, our first post of the year was made on January 2, and it was the only post of the day. I was writing about my plane ride to India on New Year’s Day.

Moreover, as far as I can tell, we have never had a discussion of New Year’s Resolutions. I find only one post that mentions them, and that was on March 3! This is bizarre. Mormons are as goal-oriented as any people on the planet, but we have never talked about New Year’s Resolutions? Anyway, feel free to share resolutions or resolution stories below. (Actually, suggestions would be welcome, since I am still formulating my resolutions. I usually make one or two that I think I will really keep, and I haven’t quite landed on one yet for 2005.)

Finally, I will leave you with this thought about the New Year from my colleague, Ann Althouse, who was writing earlier this morning:

It’s always exciting to write the new year number for the first time in the new year. I’m going to declare it propitious that the number is divisible by 5. I like the look of the new number. It is particularly solid and balanced. We’ve had the two zeroes in the center for a while, but the 5 offsets the 2 particularly well, because 5 closely resembles an inverted, backwards 2. So, 2005 is an especially stable, secure looking number, a number that inspires hope for a world that is more stable and secure, both politically and seismically. If you are reading this, you have made it to the new year, and that, in itself, is a good sign. May we all find something worthy to do with this additional time on earth we are so blessed to have received.

If it isn’t obvious, I will tell you that in addition to being a law professor, Ann is an artist. Does it show?

3 comments for “Happy New Year!

  1. Hmmm, Gordon–maybe everybody’s resolving to spend less time on the internet? ;)

    I’m a task-oriented and achievement-driven type, by and large, but I’ve never had success with New Year’s resolutions: goal-making doesn’t work for me unless it occurs at a significant change in life circumstance or with the onset of a major, fairly proximate deadline. And I’ve never, ever been successful in losing weight when I consciously try!

  2. Rosalynde, unless your picture is quite deceptive, what would be the point of you losing weight? Me, that’s another matter altogether, though I’m unlikely to do it.

  3. I know, Jim, I’m incredibly lucky that weight isn’t something I have to worry about much…. I’d be hopeless if I did! (To give myself a little credit, I do my time on the treadmill every day, but only because I enjoy the physical exertion and not because I’m watching the scales!)

    And if your losing weight would require you to curtail your culinary activity, that would be tantamount to a crime against humanity, from what I’ve heard. I think lots of folks are pleased with you just the way you are.

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