Thank you Ryan Bell, Welcome Clark Goble

It’s again time to rotate our guest bloggers. We offer many thanks to Ryan Bell for his thoughtful posts. Given that I graduated in the bottom 10% of my high school class, his provocatively titled post questioning the value of a good education was especially welcome.

We are pleased to announce that Clark Goble, Times & Seasons’ most prolific commenter, has agreed to write with us. Clark has been a staple on intellectual forums discussing Mormonism and philosophy for many years, being a prominent voice on the LDS-Philosophy and LDS-Law email lists, and then starting his own philosophy-intensive blog, Mormon Metaphysics. Welcome Clark Goble.

7 comments for “Thank you Ryan Bell, Welcome Clark Goble

  1. Thanks for your great posts, Ryan! You’re such a good writer. Now get busy on Intellecxhibitionist!

  2. Nay, twas not her youthful beauty that so tempted me here. (Girlish figure- hah! Have you seen the way your sidebar keeps expanding? Not to mention the fact that the comments here sometimes lack a little. . . perkiness).

    The secret is that in blogging, as in love, you need to always keep courting. And I just wasn’t getting that excitement when T&S found me. Suddenly, I felt beautiful again. So your image is backwards: T&S is the sugar-daddy, I’m the debutante.

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