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Recent posts at Wump and Birds Eye discuss the blog party which took place last week in Salt Lake. (Are there any more reports I’ve missed?). The consensus seems to be, in Monsonian terms: Blogging was discussed; cheese was eaten; fun was had. And in case anyone has missed the uber-thread (now available without abortion or SSM!), there’s another blog party coming up this Friday in New York City (at D.’s place). I guess that’s one thing you can say about Mormons — we surely know how to throw a party. (Non-members, please try not to laugh :P ).

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    by Gordon Smith

    I was feeling a little jealous of all of these Bloggernacle get-togethers, so I flew to Washington D.C. to meet Matt, Nate, and Kaimi.

    O.K., my jealousy has finally boiled over. Any readers out there live in or near Los Angeles? Speak up now! You’re invited to my house for some punch and jello, but I need confirmation you exist first! Prove to me that I’m not the only Bloggernaclite in town!

    Aaron B

  2. Aaron, we should have made you get a cheap ticket, hop on a plane and come over to SLC. I’d like to meet the ‘Nacle’s chief purveyer of humorous mission stories.

  3. I’m wondering what’s next. The Fowles were very kind and generous to have us over but I doubt we should hit them up again too soon. My apartment is too small and as has been commented, I’m still working on converting my wife to the ‘Nacle. But it could be fun to go see a (Mormon-genre?) flick as a group at some point or sumtin’.

    I understand there’s a few biopics, some kind of Work and the Glory flick, etc. that will be coming out … (this doesn’t have to be next week or nuttin’)

    Hey youse — how’s my Italian mobster blog accent workin’?

  4. The reports of these blog parties have forced me, against my better judgment, to cry out in protest: NOT FAIR! Not fair at all.

    So this weekend, in the spirit of protest against the “diabolical rascality” and the “dark and hellish hue” that I’m certain was present at any of these gatherings, I am hosting my own blog party in Laie (if you have to ask where that is, you can’t make it). My wife will be at the Sperry Symposium giving a presentation, so she won’t be able to attend (which means 90% if the intelligence will be missing from any conversation, but don’t let that stop you from attending).

    I’m not actually going to publish exactly where this gathering will take place (but think of Polynesian villages), or even when (except to say it will probably be Friday). If you are attuned to your inner voice and let the trade winds guide you along, you will find it.

    I’ll let you know how this turns out.

  5. Keith: move the party from Laie to Kona, move it from Friday to next January, and Melissa and I will be able to make it. A long-planned family trip to my parent’s time-share will take us to the big island then; we could meet and reminisce and play Trivial Pursuit.

    Actually, more plausibly: we will be landing in Honolulu late Friday night, January 21, and leaving for Kona at 8am the next morning (couldn’t get through flights); we were planning on just staying in the airport hotel that night. We’ll be returning through Honolulu on Sunday, January 30. Any options there? Let me know.

  6. So Logan, since we know how to party does that mean it’s going late? Maybe we should purposely show up fashionably late once the kids are in bed and the real party starts.

  7. Recent posts at Wump and Birds Eye discuss the blog party . . . in Salt Lake. . . . The consensus seems to be, in Monsonian terms: Blogging was discussed; cheese was eaten; fun was had.

    Great, Kaimi!! If I might add a gloss:

    “Blogging was discussed; cheese was eaten; fun was had. It was a party; even a blog party.”

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