We’re Number One!

. . . but don’t throw a party to celebrate, please.

CNN reports that on the newly-released annual list of top “party school” colleges in the nation (compiled by the college-ranking company Princeton Review): “Brigham Young University kept its title as top ‘stone-cold sober’ school.”

And BYU students don’t do the funky chicken, either. Or get tattoos. Such are the sacrifices required to be number one.

6 comments for “We’re Number One!

  1. I seem to recall some ancient story about BYU being ranked as the top party school (by Playboy magazine perhaps?) due to the fact that the ranking method counted Family Home Evening group activities as a “party”. Anyone else remember this? (no links to Playboy website, please :) )

  2. Those both sound like urban legends to me, though I can’t claim any expertise in the area of Playboy rankings.

    Perhaps I need to do some further “research” on the issue? (I’m sure that will pass muster with the Bishop — “it’s for a scholarly purpose!”).

  3. Kaimi, please go ahead and do you “research”!!!!
    However, as someone who converted after attaining majority, I think Playboy is highly overrated. give me the Atlantic Monthly any day!!!

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