Welcome to Guest Blogger Jeff Lindsay

Our new guest blogger is probably a familiar name to people who hang around the bloggernacle. Jeff Lindsay, based out of Wisconsin, operates the LDS apologetics blog Mormanity. He also maintains a web site on LDS topics, including a Book of Mormon Evidences page and LDS FAQ. There is additional biographical information at Jeff’s website.

Jeff’s discussions and comments are always interesting. We’re looking forward to reading his posts here.

4 comments for “Welcome to Guest Blogger Jeff Lindsay

  1. Jeff is not merely a conceptual Houdini. I once saw him make the entirety of his groceries disappear from the trunk of his car, one afternoon, in Provo. It was a brilliant piece of magic, though he seemed displeased by it.

    Will you pull an apologetical rabbit from a hat, Jeff, or is sound apologetics simply the application of non-magical reason?

    jim s.

  2. Jeff Lindsay’s Cracked Planet was my number one favorite website for a long time. I have probably read every single word he has written about LDS themes. His apologetics are well-researched and very complete. Glad to see him on T&S.

  3. I can’t get over the fact that Evangelicals worship some LOSER god that is too weak to save all of his children. Since all faithful Latter-day Saints are bound for hell, their “ABONINATION” theology makes void the atonement of Christ.


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