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For those visitors who have come here because of Peggy Fletcher Stack’s story in the Tribune, our earlier discussion about apostolic succession has moved off of the front page, and the post is located HERE.

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  1. “12 million eager church members”

    How on earth do they get that? Countries that have allowed census respondents to choose religious preference usually come up with numbers at best 22% of what the Church claims. They might have baptized 12 million people who are probably living, but to claim they are ‘eager’ members is so much of a stretch as to be near ridiculous.

  2. I noticed that’s at least the second mention in the SLTrib in the last few weeks. They seem to have quite a love affair with T&S.

    Who’d you slip a 20 to? ;)

  3. So now we’ll know who to blame when the First Presidency sends out a letter to be read in Sacrament Meeting counseling the members not to speculate on who the next apostles will be. ;>)

  4. Boy, I’m in a hurry. Same argument seems to apply to all sorts of distinguishing features, including national origin or religion.

    I’m not sure I agree with it, but I find it interesting to play with and think about, when I had not before.

  5. A quick comment test, I just modified a template and want to make sure everything is still on the up and up.

  6. Don’t know where else to put this.

    I’m off to Sunstone Symposium. I hope to meet some of you there.

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