Thanks, Jeff!

We’ve been very happy to have had Jeff Lindsay as a guest blogger for the past two weeks. His posts were uniformly interesting and informative. Thanks for being a T & S guest blogger, Jeff! (And note that he can still be visited at his blog Mormanity, and it his own Cracked Planet website).

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  1. Jeff, what Kaimi said! I especially appreciate your post on mental illness and the one on evidence in testimonies (which caused me to go back and reread my journal entry on chiasmus from when I was 12–it was too embarrassing to post, but it was nice to be reminded of how intellectual evidences had contributed to my own fledgling testimony).

  2. Jeff, I also really appreciate your posts. They were both thoughtful and insightful. I also especially appreciated your post on mental illness. It’s an issue that so many people in the church are dealing with, and no one ever seems to approach the subject. You did with sensitivity and wisdom.

  3. Thanks Jeff! I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve had to say – especially your thread on mental illness. Hope to see you around here often!

  4. Thanks! I really enjoyed the experience, especially get so many intriguing and pleasantly diverse comments. Gave me a lot to think about. Times and Seasons is a fascinating place and a credit to its founders. Is there someplace that explains the origins of T&S?

  5. The origins of T & S remain cloaked in murky obscurity. I think that one of the following accounts is correct, but it will remain to future historians to determine which.

    1. Nate received a sword from the Lady of the Lake, and claimed the right to rule. Matt protested that “strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.”


    2. Matt, Gordon, Nate, Adam, and Greg were presented with rings of power. They thought these were pretty cool. But little did they know that, deep within the fires of Mount Doom, Kaimi was forging the One Ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.


    3. In the early days of the bloggernacle (before it was even known as the bloggernacle), there were three main Mormon-oriented blogs — Dave’s Inquiry, A Soft Answer, and the Metaphysical Elders. Nate and Kaimi each operated separate law-oriented blogs that sometimes discussed LDS issues. (Another blog, Legal Guy, was also a law blog that sometimes discussed LDS issues).

    Nate also operated the LDS-law e-mail list. On that list, some extensive discussions took place. We talked about law, SSM, abortion, politics, SSM, abortion, academia, SSM, abortion, doctrine, SSM, abortion, plus SSM and abortion. It was a lot of fun. Four of the major participants were Nate, Matt, Adam and Kaimi. (Some future blog commenters, like Lyle, Randy, and Kevin Barney, were also frequent LDS-law participants). After an extended discussion on abortion (or was it SSM?), the founding four decided to start a blog. T & S was born. Before the first post, we had also assimilated Greg and Gordon. We started out on Blogger (see here) but switched to MT within the first week. Dave’s Mormon Inquiry dubbed us “a great disturbance within the force.” And the rest is history.

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