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  1. That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. We could have entire necklaces made out of our ancestors! I think it’s really unusual and wonderful, and who cares about the resurrection? Some people’s bodies are completely destroyed anyway, by fire or whatnot. The resurrection can’t be understood by our limited physical, mortal laws of science.

    But a diamond grandmother! It’s just really cool.

    P.S. Sort of on topic, my grandmother had a bracelet of gold charms, one charm for every grandchild (not actually made out of actual grandchildren, but you get the idea). It was a lovely, lovely thing which she wore to almost every function. When she died, it couldn’t be found (it was surmised that one of the hospice workers who cared for her at the end took it).

  2. That’s nothing. I wear my grandmother’s shrunken head around my neck. We were very close in life, and now her shriveled, blackened, spideryhaired yet comfortingly familiar features never leave me.

  3. Oops, I failed to read D. Fletcher’s entire post before making my little jokey joke. It was in no way a response to his lovely anecdote, it was a response to Kaimi’s link, which does seem kind of, I don’t know, vulgar. Like people who stuff their cats.

  4. Okay, but I really don’t know what Kingsley has against stuffed cats. I’ve always found them to be quite savory. Especially if you don’t scrimp on the cheese, and use _real_ Parmigianno Regiano, not the fake stuff. That, and don’t overcook.

  5. Eric,

    That one made me almost made me spit water through my nose.

    KINGSLEY IS BACK! Good to see you bud. Hope you’ll be actively commenting now.

  6. Eric’s comment then leads me to think of the tradition some families have of passing gems and such down from one generation to another, as heirlooms. I suppose if this woman had a son and he happened to want to propose to a nice young lady that …

  7. I think that a wedding ring with a diamond made from a dead ancestor would be great. Or how about a widower giving his new bride a ring made from his former bride? I mean, what would that really be saying?
    -This proves I love you more? -Just a reminder that I’m also sealed to someone else?

    I think thoughts like these are probably a large part of why I am not yet married. Those and fear of commitment.

  8. I should have put a smiley-face on that last comment. I wasn’t being too serious there. I was just trying to brag a little about my grandpa.

  9. Imagine if a loved one of a celebrity made diamonds out of his or her remains. Elvis diamond any one?

  10. D-

    Sorry you didn’t get your charm when Gram died. Us Bennetts, who were the youngest and the last of the line, got ours, because she had us put on a necklace. Heidi and I, incidentally, were the earrings.

  11. This makes me think of two things.
    1) I’m a trekkie, trekkor what ever your preference. An alien race obsessed with money has a practice of selling parts of themselves after thier demise. Can anyone think of a better celebrity product. Wouldn’t ever German love to own a piece of David Hasslehoff.
    2) What if during the resurection you have a necklace with ten relatives on it. Your burried with it. Won’t it be a bit crowded in that casket when they all get thier bodies back at once?

  12. I’ll sign up if they promise to get a pretty girl to wear we in her belly button…

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