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In one of our threads, WilfriedDecoo, a European Latter-day Saint, was kind enough to draw our attention to, a very nicely done web portal for French Latter-day Saints. I would like to add this and similar sites to our collection of Mormon links. If you are aware of any other Mormon dedicated sites, please post URLs in the comments section, regardless of language. I realize that there are a fair number of non-English language anti-Mormon sites. I am not especially interested in these. I leave it to readers with the proper language skills to judge for themselves what is or is not an anti-Mormon site. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I’m not sure if you are asking about any particular kind of international sites, but for me being British and Single has definitely helped me keep in contact with friends around the country and up to date with all the activities and news.

  2. One such site in Spanish is Looks like a pretty standard SUD (LDS) site, with news items, links to online versions of the Liahona, (exterior) images of temples, FARMS, and message boards with people sharing their testimonies, asking gospel questions, etc.

    Similar to this one is, the home site of the Proyecto Soy Mormon. It’s got a link to HomestarRunner which it says “has nothing to do with the church, but is really funny and clean.”

  3. is based in Brisbane Australia if that counts.
    International yes.
    Foreign language no.

  4. There used to be several portuguese sites such as and, both seem to be gone now. seems to have active messageboards and claims on its front page to be an apologetic site. Could be more professional though, the blinking text on the front page is going to kill me.

  5. There’s a fairly interesting story about the church taking legal action against Gunnar Werner, a German anti-Mormon, for his use of the domain name which used to be one of the more thorough and comprehensive German anti-Mormon sites available. (A non-member friend of the church had subsequently purchased the domain and set up a very friendly, informative site). The church won the suit, although Mr. Werner claimed that the church had recently abandoned the use of its “Mormon” title. Now that site is the German-language version of

    One fun site is, a “Who want’s to be a millionaire?”-type site focusing on church trivia.

  6. some of the members in my ward are being hit with anti-mormon literature. I live in south america, so Spanish Apologetic sites would really help.

    They are few and far between though. We need some serious translation work done. Let me know if you guys find any Spanish site that address specific topics or, if possible, specific anti-mormon literature. Thanks

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