Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Eleven

MBM: Enos
BMS: Enos

Theme: Prayer brings blessings.
Scripture: Enos 1:4-5

(1) The Friend has flannel boards for this story from Sept 2000 and May 1988.

(2) GAPK #305

(3) Children’s Songbook #14

(4) The July 2003 Friend has a rebus story called “Enos Prays”

(5) The March 1990 Friend has the story of Enos.

(6) We combined (1) and (5) and did a divide-and-conquer: my husband took our older son and the March 90 Friend story (which was cut into squares, one picture per square) into the other room. They put the story pieces in order and then prepared to tell the story to the rest of us. I kept the 3 yo and we practiced telling the story from the flannel board pictures and then did it for the others.