Apologies from Damon

Unfortunately, Damon Linker won’t be able to complete the second week of his two week guest-blogging stint with T&S; some unexpected work and personal responsibilities have overwhelmed him for the moment, and he doesn’t think he’ll have the time or energy to contribute as he would like, much less be able to do justice to the many excellent comments which his last post elicited. Some of those comments were rather severe, as he knew they would be–you can’t be a non-Mormon professor at BYU and not know that saying Mormons aren’t Christians will strike a huge nerve–but that didn’t bother him at all; he was anxious to engage those who disagreed with him. Tragically, real life has intervened. We wish Damon well, and hope to have him blogging back here at T&S as soon as the fates allow.

4 comments for “Apologies from Damon

  1. I too have been greatly enjoying Damon’s posts; I hope that all goes well with his other commitments, and we see him here again (to continue the debates he started) when he can.

  2. “Damon! Come back! Come back! We love you Damon! Come back!” Oh wait, that was from the movie, “Shane”, wasn’t it? I, too, have really enjoyed Damon’s posts. And yes, he simply MUST come back and respond to our comments on his very last post!

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