Around the Bloggernacle, May 4 edition

The ever-expanding bloggernacle is getting harder to keep up with (though the bloglines aggregator certainly helps). Here are a few interesting posts that I’ve noticed over the past few days:

  • Chris Goble (yes, he’s Clark’s brother) discussing animal sacrifice among the Nephites;
  • Steve Evans and Christopher Bradford discussing the concept of preaching the gospel in the afterlife;
  • Kim Siever noting Korihor’s (half) use of correct doctrine;
  • The Baron of Deseret discusses the element of time and how it relates to ideas of evolution and creation (The Baron also has a funny post, noting that his discussion of “p*rnography and free agency” has attracted readers who were looking on search engines for the words “free p*rnography”! Yikes! Funny enough to note, but we don’t really want those readers here, hence the use of asterisks);

  • Jeremy Grimshaw discusses Mormons in the New York Times, including today’s piece about the Trapp Brown family; and
  • Jordan Fowles discusses how we impose our cultural ideas on our images of deity.