Welcome, Julie & Thanks, Greg

Many thanks to Greg Allen, who posted early, often, and well here at T&S. I suspect that he won many new fans for greg.org, and we look forward to hearing from him again soon.

Our newest guest blogger is Julie Smith, a native Houstonian who earned a BA in English from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in Biblical Studies from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, where she specialized in women in the New Testament. You know her here as “Julie in Austin,” but you might also be familiar with her book, Search, Ponder, and Pray: A Guide to the Gospels, which according to Julie “contains over 4,000 questions (no answers) and attempts to get LDS readers to really think about the scriptures and to introduce them to the various approaches of academic biblical studies.” Julie teaches at the LDS Institute in Austin, Texas. She is married to an engineer, and has two children, whom she homeschools. Welcome, Julie!

3 comments for “Welcome, Julie & Thanks, Greg

  1. Julie, I’m looking forward to your posts. Greg, with everyone else, I thank you for yours. Reading them always made me feel like I actually had some connection to someone really cool in film.

  2. Agreed on Greg — it was a little like having our own Leonard Maltin around, and even better, that made me feel like a quasi-cineast myself (of course, then I would remember that I actually liked Dirty Dancing, and any illusions of cineast-hood were quickly punctured).

  3. whew. you’re lucky you posted that DD reference after my stint ended. Unless you’re interested in picking a Dirty Dancing vs. Footloose fight right now…

    The dramatic changes in Utah County really bum me out, and not just because I feel like an old man already when I say as I drive by, “See that Lehi Roller Mill right there? that used to be all fields ’round there. Them Hollywood fellers shot Footloose in’ere.”

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