Today’s News

Some interesting news today:

An Oregon county has decided not to issue any marriage licenses until the gay marriage issues have been resolved (wow! Well, that’s one way to solve it);
Scientologists are apparently getting a tax break for religious education (I didn’t know that!); now, a lawsuit seeks either to end that break or extend it to other religious education (yay!);
finally, a great story in the sports page — which all too often talks about athletes who party, take drugs, and get arrested — deals with a talented high school graduate, potentially the number one pick of the draft, who seems like a very level-headed guy. Key quote:

“I have to always make sure I’m on top of my game off the court,” Howard said. “I have to make sure I stay away from the things that would make me fall into temptation. I don’t want to put myself in any predicament of messing up the name that I’ve got for myself. The guys here already know that I’m not going to go out and party all night and have sex and all that. I want them to look at me as a regular person and say, `Dwight’s someone you can look up to.’

Now that sounds like someone I can cheer for without feeling guilty.