Thanks Linda, and Welcome Greg

Linda Hoffman Kimball’s illustrious run as a guest-blogger ended yesterday, and I’m sure everyone here joins me in thanking her for the great posts. Hopefully we’ll hear from you again soon, Linda!

Our newest guest blogger, Greg Allen, joins us today. I was a fan of Greg’s critically-acclaimed blog for a while before I came across a post that outed him as someone who could contribute to our discussion here. Here’s a bit of a bio:

After several years as an investment advisor and entrepreneur, Greg began writing and directing films. He is collaborating with contemporary artists on a series of short films, the first of which premiered at the Museum of Modern Art’s Documentary Fortnight festival. Other current projects are writing two feature screenplays and developing an animated musical. On his weblog,, he writes primarily about filmmaking and art.

Greg went to BYU, where he majored in art history and managed the International Cinema under Dr. Donald Marshall. He received an MBA from the Wharton School. He lives in New York City and Washington, D.C., where is his on a research fellowship at NASA. Their first child, Ada Catherine, was born last week, so guestblogging is a nice way to fill his copious spare time.

Welcome Greg!

5 comments for “Thanks Linda, and Welcome Greg

  1. Welcome, Greg and farewell, bloggers! I’ve enjoyed being a part of your community and wish you all many, many thoughtprovoking, juicy discussions!

  2., I’d like to know more about your animated musical. You can email me or post here (or just ignore me if you have better things to do).

  3. thanks, all, I’m looking forward to moving from the “less active” rolls at T&S.

    It’s odd to bave been outed by that Int’l Cinema posting; I guess my earlier posts about Pahoranic political analysis and listening to GenCon online could still be interpreted just as Mormon-curious.

    [animated musical bonus: the post right below that GenCon one is about the genesis of the script and early drafts.]

  4. I think just coined the hip new phrase for “investigators”: Mormon-curious. I always thought the old term sounded too rationalistic anyway…

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