At long last, Mia!

Cirila and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our daughter, Mia Elizabeth Call. She was born early yesterday morning in Berkeley, weighing in at 7 lbs, 1 oz. Mom and baby are doing great. Here’s an early photo:

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Being with a newborn baby reminds me a bit of what Melville wrote to Hawthorne: “Knowing you persuades me more than the Bible of our immortality.” Welcome, Mia.

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  1. What a great name, too! If we have a daughter, that’s a name I’m pushing for. :-)

  2. Congratulations all around. She is very cute. How does big brohter like the new addition?

  3. A baby! A baby! Three cheers for babies!!

    And, for Cirila, my favorite new baby poem:

    A Lullaby–Janet Lewis

    Lullee, lullay,
    I could not love thee more
    If thou wast Christ the King.
    Now tell me, how did Mary know
    That in her womb should sleep and grow
    The Lord of everything?

    Lullee, lullay,
    An angel stood with her
    Who said, ‘That which doth stir
    Like summer in thy side
    Shall save the world from sin.
    Then stable, hall and inn
    Shall cherish Christmas-tide.’

    Lullee, lullay,
    And so it was that Day.
    And did she love Him more
    Because an angel came
    To prophesy His name?
    Ah no, not so,
    She could not love Him more,
    But loved him just the same.
    Lullee, lullee, lullay.

  4. Thanks everyone. Great poem Kristine. And of course she is named after the Mutual Improvement Society, the loss of which I’m still mourning ;) (Mardell: Soren is surprisingly, and dangerously, affectionate!)

  5. Kace was dangerously affectionate with his little sister. But now that she has gotten bigger they are best friends.

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