Small request for technical assistance

Since the move to the new server, most things have gone reasonably well. One little thing is still bugging me; I’ve tried a few ways to fix it, and have been unsuccessful. I’m wondering if any of our readers have the knowledge to help (required knowledge will be a little bit of understanding of Java, PHP and/or CGI).

UPDATE: Got it! Thanks to Quinn Warnick , the fiction editor for Irreantum, the magazine of the Association of Mormon Letters, for the tip.

The problem has been fixed.

The original extended entry read:

When I reinstalled movable type, I didn’t install it in the cgi-bin, where it had been previously installed. (I read that that can cause problems). So it’s in its own directory now.

The problem is that the location of mt-comments.cgi has changed.

Formerly, to get to comments on thread 160, the address was:

It is now:

Everything works fine from the page. However, visitors who arrive via search engine are being directed to the old comment links, which are no longer valid.

I’m relatively sure that it would be possible to code a CGI script in java that would take a look at the web address input, chop off the last 3 digits (i.e. the post number), and redirect to a correct address for that post number. But I don’t know how such a script would be coded.

(By the way, I’ve tried setting a redirect on . That didn’t work. Apparently, because the query wasn’t just for mt-comments.cgi but also had the entry id in the string. And I really, really don’t want to set up 200 redirects, one for each entry id.)

If anyone out there knows how this would be done, I would welcome advice. Note that (1) this isn’t really urgent, and (2) I may eventually figure it out on my own. I don’t expect anyone to spend any substantial time learning java or anything like that — if you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry, I’ll eventually figure it out. The problem looks pretty simple and I suspect that anyone with much knowledge of java could hammer out the solution in a 30-second e-mail.

By the way, speaking of e-mail, I still have to reconfigure T & S e-mail, so it’s not working at the moment. Please send any solutions to this address (after removing the anti-spam guard):


3 comments for “Small request for technical assistance

  1. Kaimi,

    Can you explain how “trackback” works? You’d think I’d be able to figure it out quickly but alas, I’m not sure how to fully utilize it.

  2. Trackback is mostly installed in MT. You need to enable pings for each post (either individually, or categorically, in the “preferences” section).

    After that, it will list other blogs that reference that post.

    We just started putting trackback on new posts. At the moment, there’s not much; eventually it may be a useful tool.

  3. Anyone here good w/MT? I’m trying to install it on my blogs (i.e. my brother is…[email protected]) but…we are having technical difficulties with the frames and MT tech support isn’t very helpful. any ideas?

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