Welcome to the New Place

Hi everyone. We just switched servers — what a headache! Hopefully this looks exactly the same as the old place. A few things to note:

1. Timesandseasons.org e-mail will be temporarily down. You can e-mail me at kaimi *at* wengerfamily.com . Look for everyone else’s e-mails (if you want to e-mail them) on their personal blog site or description.

2. The domain name (DNS) is not fully resolved, and it seems to still be pointing at the other site sometimes. Since the DNS was being wacky, I set up a redirector at the old host, so you should end up here anyway. :) The only difference will be the address bar, and even that should return to normal once the DNS settles down.

3. There will probably be little bugs here and there — let me know of any you come across, we’ll get them resolved.

8 comments for “Welcome to the New Place

  1. I forgot to mention — a big thanks is due to Bob and Logan for putting up with comments about our site, and for being so gracious about it.

  2. When my e-mail and the comments section of T&S disappeared at the same time, I felt like everything was falling apart. E-mail at BYU still isn’t working right, but thanks to you, Bob, and Logan for all of the work that went into this change–and thanks especially for all of the work that goes into just keeping this site going.

  3. Halleluiah Brother! Kaimi, your comment over at Sons of Mosiah on BYU vs. the Church was perfect. Thank you ever so much for the backup I needed. You’re my hero for the week.

  4. One problem I notice is that one cannot edit one’s post, before hitting the post button. Say you spell a word wrong, you cant click the cursor right at that letter, click, and hit erase. Am not vert computer literate, so I hope y’all understand what I am trying to say!!!
    Thanks for the great Blog though, I look forward to reading it everyday. Keep up the good work!!!

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