Quick Note on Spam Comments

We have been hit with a batch of spam comments over the past 2 days. (I guess it’s a sign that we have hit the big time.) If you haven’t seen them, here’s an idea of what they look like:

“The sky is green.”
-John Jones.

The text is always nonsense, and the name will be linked not to an e-mail address but directly to the spammer’s site. It may be a hosting or gambling site (those are the two that have hit us so far). The combination of nonsense text (they use what appear to be randomly generated, short phrases, hopefully in hopes of seeming like a legitimate poster) and a hyperlinked name is the indication that it’s a spam comment.

When we see these, we will delete the comment and ban the IP address from further comments. Readers may notice these spam comments sometimes (there will be some inevitable lag between the time they go up, and the time we delete and ban them). Please pay them no attention. And especially, please don’t clink on the link to the spammer’s site. They will be tracking where hits are coming from, and if they see hits coming from T & S, they will continue to spam us.

5 comments for “Quick Note on Spam Comments

  1. And now this thread and the whole blog are being hit by lots of spam.

    I guess the spammers don’t celebrate the holidays.

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