I just wanted to note a few numbers that I thought interesting. Early this morning, the blog passed the 10,000 visitor mark. That counter began on November 21st — two months ago yesterday — so we have had 10,000 visits in 2 months. (This metric doesn’t count repeat visits from the same person on the same day).

The level of positive response was certainly not anticipated by me. (Just look how excited I was two months ago, when we started to get 65 visitors a day). I remain amazed and gratified at the fact that people are this interested in our discussions, and I hope that my co-bloggers and I can continue to post interesting enough discussion that people see T & S as a worthwhile place to visit.

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  1. I noticed that we passed this milestone, too, Kaimi. I also watch the scoreboard a lot at basketball games. And the ticker on CNN. Maybe this is why I became a corporate lawyer.

    But seriously, this is very fun blog. Thanks to bloggers and commentators alike!

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