Claudia Bushman: Historian, Scholar, Blogger

We are pleased to welcome Claudia Bushman as our newest guest blogger. Dr. Bushman is a historian by training and has taught at Columbia University for many years. Her books include How America Discovered Columbus, In Old Virginia: Slavery, Farming, and Society in the Journal of John Walker, Mormon Sisters: Women of Early Utah, A Good Poor Man’s Wife, Mormon Domestic Life in the 1870s: Pandemonium or Acadia, Mormons in America (with Richard Bushman), Building the Kingdom: A History of Mormons in America (with Richard Bushman), and many others. She is one of the founders of Exponent II, a Boston-based magazine focusing on Mormonism and women’s issues. In addition, historian Richard Bushman has the distinction of being married to Professor Bushman.

8 comments for “Claudia Bushman: Historian, Scholar, Blogger

  1. Claudia, I am so excited to see you here! Welcome! You will no doubt add a wonderful voice to this forum.

  2. I’m a reporter hoping to ask Claudia Bushman
    a few questions for an article on Christopher Columbus.

    Is it possible to share her e-mail address or telephone number with me?

    Margaret Schmidt

  3. I am really excited about finding this site. I was beginning to think I was the only Mormon Democrat on this planet. I live in a ward that must be 100 per cent Republican. I feel like such an outcast but I will never denounce my political party any more than I would denounce the True church. Some of the people (from the Bishop down) have made my life pretty miserable since I announced I was a Democrat a couple of years ago. But now I realize I am just as normal as I thought I was.

  4. Ken, be careful. You may be LDS and you may be a Democrat, but (as a fellow traveler) I can assure you that you do not fit the norm: you are definitely not normal. Welcome to a site where any number of non-normal people hang out, some of them non-normal because they are Democrats, some for other reasons.

  5. Thanks Jim!
    Now I really feel I belong. I played in a country western and rock&roll band before joining the church 30years ago so I know I am an odd ball but I have finally found a place where I might just fit in. Although all the other people on this site seem so much more intelligent than me, I will try to do my part, as soon as I find out what that is.

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