Technical Difficulties

Yes, we’ve been having a few last night and this morning. Nothing overly serious, but this site’s admins (such as me) are neophytes when it comes to coding. (“Possibly the most neophyte, yet badly-coded . . .”). Bear with us, we’ll get things fixed again.

UPDATE: Almost all-the-way fixed now, with just a little bit of aesthetic cleaning up left to do.

3 comments for “Technical Difficulties

  1. By the way, I’m learning this whole MT coding thing on the fly, and have been helped greatly by a few web sites who I should give credit to:

    Moveable Type forums:
    The Girlie Matters:
    Scripty Goddess:

    Of course, any and all mess-ups on the coding of this site are attributable to me, Matt or Nate. The fact that the site still operates despite our coding errors is due in part (at least, with respect to my coding errors) to the excellent MT sites I just listed.

  2. I think everything is now back to normal. The permanant links in the comments are working again, as are the links to the permanant comment links under “Recent Comments”. Thanks for helping fix the error, Kaimi.

    Clark Goble also deserves credit for helping us fix bugs that affected readers with some browsers.

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