Do things look a little different around here?

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2 comments for “Do things look a little different around here?

  1. Well … I got my first exposure to the multiple source theory in the Ensign, so I’m pretty sure that it has surfaced there from time to time.

    A couple-three thoughts.

    First, the Book of Mormon makes the interesting assertion that all of those who were led to the Americas at the time of the writing of the book are spiritually part of the heritage of Lehi, regardless of their blood. It is a fascinating note, made in passing while discussing other things (such as God’s efforts to keep the Americas from being over-run, etc.).

    Second, Jacob’s sermon in the Temple seems to support, strongly, the theory that Lehi and sons were a small group interjecting themselves into a larger one. This is Jacob, Lehi’s son, and he is preaching about men having concubines in a society large enough that to talk about it was going to wound the feelings of their wives who were unaware of the practice.

    That is not a community dynamic in a community of twenty or seventy or even a couple hundred.

    Thought I’d port my comment over from the other blog.

  2. I have done some fiddling with the colors to get the masthead to work. I will have to fiddle some more tomorrow or Sunday, when I get time. Don’t panic. The description is still there in the code, and I will have it visible again in a day or two.

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