Frank McIntyre

I was raised in Wichita, Kansas, leaving for BYU in 1993. I majored in
Economics with some philosophy thrown in both because I enjoyed the
philosophy classes and to avoid the English Department (I took a great
class from one Jim F., with Nate Oman in attendance; it was a blast.).
After a mission to Lisbon North, Portugal, I returned to BYU, where I
met my wife, Carrie. We got married a week after graduating and then
headed off to Stanford for me to do a PhD in economics. After 5 great
years (and 2 children) in the Bay, BYU made the mistake of offering me a
job, so I am now an Assistant Professor of Economics at BYU. I have
researched wage inequality, minimum wages, and illegal work in Brazil,
and the EITC and the minimum wage in the U.S.

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